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Building a kinder, less wasteful world.

Imperfect Foods brought us into the fold during an explosive growth phase to help revitalize the design, tone, content, and overall information hierarchy of their marketing website. Following a successful launch of the new site, we then turned our eyes to the future with Imperfect, and through a hugely collaborative effort, ideated, refined, and stitched together a product roadmap for the years to come.

Imperfect Foods
Imperfect Foods is a sustainably-sourced online grocer with a mission to save food from going to waste, and evolve the myriad systems and inefficiencies that originate waste along the way.


Helping students be in the right place at the right time.

"Make&Model continues to push the bar with each iteration of our platform. Their broad expertise and kind and collaborative nature makes them an integral part of our team.” -- Jared Chung, CEO of CareerVillage

Diverse and impactful guidance isn't always available for everyone, which is why it's CareerVillage's mission to provide access to quality mentorship so young people can better prepare for their futures.


Leave the Earth, better.

Better Place Forests needed a more compelling way to both tell their story, and to evolve their online presence. By focusing on the mission and the people it seeks to help, and thinking holistically about the story telling tools available, Make&Model developed a comprehensive content and design strategy to reshape and refocus Better Place Forests' online presence.

Better Place Forests
End-of-life planning isn't an easy subject to talk about. It can be uncomfortable, grim, and fraught with complications. Better Place Forests, an organization providing a sustainable alternative to cemetery burials, is looking to change that.


Make&Model were the perfect partners for Imperfect Foods. We were blown away by the depth and breadth of their creativity and commitment - truly, no stone was left unturned. There is so much uncharted territory to navigate in a company's growth stages and they helped us do so with empathy and grace.

- Jenn Vo, Sr. Director of Product Design & Creative at Imperfect Foods

From payroll to child's pose.

Managing a boutique fitness studio involves a lot of moving pieces, and the dominant tools on the market aren’t incentivized to change. That's why we created a service-empowering design system that slots neatly into the busy work days of fitness instructors, studio administrators, and boutique fitness business owners alike, leading to a smoother, friendlier service experience for their customers.

Mariana Tek
Founded by the industry veterans responsible for the world-renowned spin cycling brand FlyWheel Sports, with a mission of empowering studio operators of all specialities and sizes.


We knew we could trust the quality of work from Make&Model, but what was truly impressive was their ability to collaboratively problem solve, to remain organized with an ambiguous starting point, and their thoughtful, empathetic leadership. Stated another way, it really felt like they were in the trenches with us and received and incorporated team feedback thoughtfully and elegantly.

- Matthew Smith, CMO of Better Place Forests