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Increasing the odds of being in the right place at the right time.

CareerVillage is a non-profit that helps students crowdsource college and career advice from working professionals. Diverse and impactful guidance isn’t always available for everyone, which is why it’s CareerVillage’s mission to provide access to quality mentorship so young people can better prepare for their futures. 

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Finding the right answer

CareerVillage is 100% free and open access. A student asks a question, which is then matched with a network of over 25K professionals who respond with advice and insight based on their experience in the working world. A robust tagging system—as well as a dedicated pool of volunteers—ensures that 96.9% of questions find answers.

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A fully integrated team

As part of our ongoing partnership with CareerVillage, we provide experience design, product management, and design strategy to create a constantly iterative and evolving experience. Our work with CareerVillage has always been a collaborative effort, with both teams seamlessly integrated as one.

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The classroom is everywhere

We recently introduced an experience tailored for educators. Using Google classroom integrations, we helped make it possible for schools, groups, and individual educators to bring hundreds of students onto the platform.

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Make&Model continues to push the bar with each iteration of our platform. Their broad expertise and kind and collaborative nature makes them an integral part of our team.”

Jared Chung, CEO of CareerVillage

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We're just getting started

Our goals with CareerVillage are constantly evolving. Over the course of our partnership, we’ve increased student engagement, bolstered the sense of community on the platform, and improved the quality of content to deliver worthwhile and meaningful results for students. With our shared mission, we'll continue to learn, experiment, and improve how we make life-changing mentorship accessible to everyone.

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