Say Heyo

Introducing Design-Augmented Product & Project Management Services

by Sean Crickenberger

Today we’re broadening our business offerings to include standalone design-augmented project and product management services. We’re excited for what this means for us as a business, and even more excited for the relationships and progress we’ll be able to support. So what do we mean by “design-augmented”, and why should your team work with us in this capacity?

When I joined Make&Model ~2.5yrs ago, we changed our business model in one small but significant way: all of our client-facing projects would get my project/product management services and thinking moving forward, free of charge. The reasoning is simple: it helps our designers, it helps our clients, and it helps our business.

Today, we’re flipping that around: all project/product management projects will come with design consulting services, free of charge.

If you hire us for PM services, you’ll work directly with me. I have 15+ years of project and product management experience, earned from a huge variety of industries, companies, and clients. And while people say stuff like that a lot, they often fail to mention why they think it matters. For me, this is why: throughout that time, I worked very closely with people who specialized in a wholllle bunch of different skills and nuanced subject matter. As with design, to do my job well I need to embed myself enough to truly understand individuals’ skills, and their related motivations and perspectives. Doing so grants me the ability to see things through a bunch of different lenses, which allows me to serve as a much needed communications and organizational bridge between sometimes competing perspectives and needs on product teams.

Being paired with a seasoned product designer brings even more specialized wisdom to the table. Maybe you already have a design team, but you need a designer to do some QA on specific implementations. Maybe you’ve already got “mostly complete” designs, and they’d benefit from a once-over. Maybe your developers need some help tweaking things in-browser. Maybe you’d like insight on design systems and best practices. Whatever the case, we can provide it, and you don’t pay extra for it.

If you’re in the market for contract management services, and could benefit from our specialization in product design, give me a holler.