Pace Hero 4

Powering bike-sharing with a flexible design system.

Pace is a dockless bike-sharing service for riders who enjoy taking the scenic route. After supporting their pilot program in upstate New York, we helped Pace prepare their core product experience for growth across the United States.


Testing a new business model

Before Pace turned its eye towards public expansion, it began as a much smaller bikeshare program, available only as an employer-provided perk. Once it pivoted to a larger public-facing service, a variety of new bike models were introduced to help the product scale. This presented us with a unique challenge: how do you seamlessly manage a fleet of bikes that feature different technologies?

  Pace Unlock 3

Building a new framework

We worked closely with the product team to build and test a design system that allowed for a diverse range of use cases. Our framework lets users with an array of phone technologies easily manage their rides. We also established a new payment system to help keep riders focused on the road instead of their screens.

  Pace Balance 3
  Pace Case Study Rack

Putting it all together

After extensive testing and field research, we standardized our design system using Abstract and Sketch libraries. We created a central library for both development and design teams to access in order to support a truly engaging and harmonious experience.

  Pace History3
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